Floss @ The Keegan Theatre

Cinderella @ Imagination Stage

The Wedding Singer, NextStop Theatre

"The cast is populated with a colorful assortment of characters. Amanda Leigh Corbett lights up the stage as Julia's firecracker best friend, Holly, who seduces the audience with the same ease that she seduces any man she encounters. "

-Sam Abney, BroadwayWorld

(All photos by Lock & Company)

“Best friend and cousin to Julia was Holly, played by Amanda Leigh Corbett, who could shake it as well as gracefully chaîné across the stage. Holly was a woman who knew what she wanted (eventually) and was unapologetically confident in herself. A wonderful dancer, Corbett took full advantage of the stage in “Saturday Night in the City.” 

-Em Skow, DC Metro Theater Arts

"NextStop’s cast often rises above the material .... Corbett shimmies and shines her way through her supporting numbers."

-Missy Frederick, DC Theatre Scene

Brooklyn, Monumental Theatre

"For every devil there’s an angel and Brooklyn’s angel goes by Faith (Amanda Leigh Corbett.) With a dulcet, warm tone that strikes a chord of calm deep within the chasms of the heart, Corbett’s wholesome sound is soul-soothing, even when it’s mournfully morose and filled with sorrow. There is an untamed river of pain flowing forth from Corbett’s rendition of “Christmas Makes Me Cry”; she pulls all of the joy and happiness of a most cherished and jovial holiday and transforms it into soul-searing tears of her own torment. Paired against a sturdy vocal compliment, delivered soundly by Jonathan Helwig in the role of Taylor Collins, the pair create exquisite moments of honesty and truth between them. Helwig’s replay moments of his traumatic war-torn past are harrowing as well. It’s strikingly refreshing to see the depth of acting skills at work in this portrayal." 

-Mandy Gunther, Theatre Bloom

Amanda Leigh Corbett is a perfectly melancholy Faith; her sacrificial aerial dance is truly heartbreaking.

-Ben Fisler, DC Metro Theater Arts

Dreamgirls, Toby's Dinner Theatre

"Talent flows with unlimited bounty into this production, through every energetically charged ensemble member right up to Effie White herself; there are no weak players in this production of Dreamgirls. Even the tiniest nod of attitude, like Shannan Johnson and Amanda Corbett as Charlene and Joanne walking out on Jimmy Early in the very beginning of the show, or Sylvern Groomes Jr. and Hasani Allen facing off respectively as Mr. Morgan and the Security Guard right before and after the big confrontation with Effie and Curtis; everyone finds their niche and thrives in it, making their parts, felt, noticed, and a functioning cog in this machine called Dreamgirls."

-Mandy Gunther, Theatre Bloom 

Peter Pan, Toby's Dinner Theatre

"Two featured debuting Toby's players are Katie Tyler, a talented actress, dancer and singer who soars gracefully along with Peter as Wendy Darling; and Amanda Leigh Corbett, who displays strong dance and vocal skills as Tiger Lily."

-Mary Johnson, The Baltimore Sun

"Amanda Leigh Corbett is making a memorable Toby’s debut here as the Indian maiden, Tiger Lily. She leads the tribe in the “Indian Dance,” impressively choreographed by Mark Minnick, then more than holds her own as a vocalist opposite Peter Pan on “Ugh-A-Wug.”

-John Harding, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Led by Princess Tiger Lily (Amanda Leigh Corbett) the striking movements of this bunch puts the tingle of adventure straight into the spine. Corbett, who is vocally ferocious and could roar down an entire forest with her tenacity, makes her mark during “Indian Dance” and again during “Ugh-A-Wug” where she vocally goes line for line with Peter Pan in a stellar moment of friendship and fancy-fun atop the big wooden table."

-Mandy Gunther, Theatre Bloom

Gimme A Band, Gimme A Banana! The Carmen Miranda Story, Pointless Theatre Co. 

"Amanda Leigh Corbett spices up the dance moves in the ensemble along with Phillip da Costa, while Belen Oyola-Rebaza, a mainstay at GALA Hispanic Theater shares her formidable acting skills portraying Miranda’s caring sister."

-Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Scene